… pros and cons. This is the focus mode. Hmmmm. Brings me right the heck back to the good old days of 1981, when I first got on the computer.

Talk about focus. This is easy on the eyeballs, and that has to count for something.

So, this journal automatically puts in the date. Does it also put in the time? Probably, if I want it to, will check into that.

See, I wanted this new/old program for myself. It used to be given away free free free and I used it for many years. I guess in the next bit of time — oh, I do wish this magazine were gone. Second best thing is to just do it so I can get to my next bit of organizing.

I’m moving toward the CDs and DVDs … will find old data that way, esp. journal entries. I could even go through old email — dates are suddenly very important. A personal scrapbook. And it’s not on Facebook. Oh, do I loathe Facebook. I wish I’d never joined.

You know, I could quit as a sort of zen thing of simplify. I won’t be failing at it if I’m not in it. Ditto LinkedIn, Google+, and what else? Stumble — that one I should learn.

I might just do that. Just get rid of my FB page and be free. I did play Farm on it for a while and when I found myself getting up in the middle of the night to turn over a field of digital strawberries before they cough rotted cough … well … that’s not really a good use of grown-up time.

I’m assuming this thing auto-saves. I already turned off the idiot spell-checker. It was in my face. I have words I sometimes search for and it prompts me in the wrong way. Plus, it’s better to go back and fix the error manually. I will always be a Luddite.