This safe haven …


… just finished being part of a classroom at the University of Alabama, graduate division, if you please. Here is the site, which was sort of video-ed, and I rocked back and forth out of the frame.

To say I’m self-conscious and lack self confidence is to understate. And with the various mixers, mics, sound-levels and echo feed-back … it’s a lot to deal with. I’ve never even gotten over the store monitors and fish-eye cameras. Walking into a Best Buy, by the cameras. Bye!

So, I fidget and roll around in my chair. Out of frame for the most part, except for a few gesticulations. I have a lot to say, but would rather say it here. Let’s see how that works out.

No safe haven …


… anymore. Sob. The greatest time-sink, ever, has just been compromised. Breached. And now the flood waters of guilt will obliterate the last safe space. Ah, Pinterest. You have been invaded.

A novelist is using the virtual pinboard to give her novel in progress some visual prompts. I will leave it at that.

The Daily Post …

… is a good resource, Learning WordPress, and in the spirit of learning, I want to keep this link: You can find new ideas for what to blog about by reading the Daily Post. I did add the PressThis thing to my browser, but I’ve yet to learn how to use it.

Also, many of the things you can change will require more of a commitment than I want to make just now. However, we all know how that turns out.